It is specified beforehand that the present general conditions of sale govern exclusively the sales. Tickets for shows or Events (Entrance tickets to music concerts, sporting events, museums, leisure parks, theater, cinema and festivals) on the site. The site is a platform who acts as an intermediary, on behalf of Organizers and / or Producers of Events or shows. Consequently, these general conditions of sale concern only acts of Ticket sales and in no case the show or the Event itself. Use of the Site (or applications), of any functionality of the Site available at or implies express acceptance, prior, full and complete by the Customer of these General Conditions of Sale. Non-compliance by the Customer of the obligations subscribed to under these General Conditions of Sale, and in particular in case of fraud or any attempted fraud, resale of Tickets and any incident of payment of the price of a order, may result in the suspension of access to the service, or even the blocking of his Customer account depending on the degree of seriousness of the acts in question, without prejudice to any damages that could ask Evolutik.


1.1 The price of show tickets (face value) is indicated All Taxes included including the costs of rental excluding participation in ticket processing and issuance costs (hereinafter, together referred to as the " treatment ").
1.2 The Processing Fees are intended to cover the operating and maintenance costs of the platform and of our servers, the costs associated with issuing the ticket and managing the interfacing with access control, and bank charges
1.3 The Processing Fees may be modified at any time by EVOLUTIK in a non-retroactive manner. rates at any time. However, Tickets will be invoiced on the basis of the prices in force at the time of the recording of orders.
1.4 Tickets remain the property of the Event Organizer until full and final payment. of the prize by Eazytick in its name and on behalf of the Organizer .
1.5 Knowing that the organizers who schedule cultural shows are not affected by the tax on value added (VAT).


The total number of places in cumulative reservations per person cannot be greater than the number set by the Organizer, who will, if applicable, be indicated for each Event. The same person cannot get around this rule by making several purchases spaced out over time. In the absence of indication by the Organizer of a maximum number of Tickets that can be purchased by the same Customer, this number is set at 30 tickets (for vents with a maximum number of purchases).


Organizer vs Buyer: All orders regardless of their place of issue are payable in dinar Tunisian, or in Euro. The validation of the order entails the obligation for the Customer to pay the indicated price by the total amount of the basket. The payment of tickets by the customer on the Site is made exclusively by the following payment methods defined during the purchase: bank cards from the E-DINAR / VISA / CARD networks MASTERCARD.
The customer's bank account will be debited for the amount of the order, upon final validation of the transaction. A proof of payment will be automatically viewable by the customer, at the end of the transaction, on the page confirmation of the order but also on the account that he may have created on the site, and accessible using the login / password, which will have been assigned and defined during the purchase.

Organizer vs Company: The Organizer can inquire about the status of sales and future sums to be collected at any time via its interface on Organizer menu-> Dashboard. All of the information relating to the identification of the Organizer must be provided and validated by the Company (in particular proof of identity: contact details of the organization: Trade register, status, tax number,
Patent as well as the manager / organizer's identity card) and that there is no doubt about the correct holding of the event, the identity of the Organizer as well as the rights to exploit or distribute the Tickets for the Event. In case of doubt or missing part, the Company reserves the right to suspend the validation and posting of the event on the site and will ask the organizer for additional documents via its organizer interface. If the doubt is maintained, the revalidation of the event remains with the Company until the smooth running of the event. In this context, the Company may contact the participants of the Event to verify the proper conduct of the event.


At the beginning and in the middle of each month, the Company will donate the proceeds from its online sales to the Organizer (after deduction of commissions and bank charges) and will provide the Organizer with a summary of sales and transfers made. Due to interbank delays and days worked, a period of one to two days is generally observed in order to see the Organizer's account credited.


Electronic payments made as part of transactions made on the Site are secured by using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption process., uses for said secure electronic payments, the SMT solution provided by the CENTRAL BANK or that provided by GPG (depending on the case).


In order to fight against fraud, in particular by bank card, Evolutik reserves the right to use the data customer's personal information to contact him, ask him to provide his identity document, send him recommendations for consulting other events that bring together their latest reservations and, if if necessary, to cancel the ticket (s) ordered.


Before confirming his order, the Customer declares to accept the present general conditions of sale, fully and without reservation, by checking a box provided for this purpose. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded on will represent proof of transactions made on the Site, by the Customer.


8.1 Upon confirmation of the purchase, the customer will receive an order confirmation email worth an invoice purchase.
8.2 The purchase confirmation email contains as attachments the ball (s) purchased by the customer (e-ticket / m- Ticket) as well as a PDF version of the general conditions of use for e-ticket tickets.
8.3 By accepting these general conditions of sale, the customer also accepts the conditions use of e-ticket / m-ticket .
8.4 The e-ticket requires the possession of a printer, in order to be able to print the ticket on a sheet white, A4 format. The customer can print their ticket in black and white or in color. This ticket entitles you to one person who will be checked at the entrance to the room.
8.5 The m-ticket is a dematerialized ticket and requires downloading to your mobile phone from the email received, the image corresponds to a unique and tamper-proof QR code (confidential) which will be read at the entrance to the room.


According to the arrangements made by the Organizer with regard to the tax administration, in particular for sporting or cultural events, the Organizer may give the Customer, at the end of this control, a Ticket standard with the prefecture of police stamp.
9.1 Ticket control: There are three possible cases, namely the power to print the ticket at home This system allows you to print show tickets on an ordinary printer (A4, Black and White or Color), whether it's from your home, office or anywhere else. You will print as many sheets as many seats purchased (1 sheet = 1 ticket). You can therefore present yourself individually at the entrance of the event, each person to be provided with their sheet with their identity card. Either, the act of replacing the voucher (print ticket from home) with a ticket when entering the event. Or download the ticket received by email, which contains a unique, tamper-proof barcode that will be read when entering the room. This decision is made by the organizer, specific conditions posted by the Organizer on his page or in its ticketing module and any buyer will be informed by email. Ticket control will be carried out using barcode readers by the Event Organizer, under its responsibility, when entering the Event. In the event that several purchases have been made via the web or by mobile phone, each purchase will result in the verification of the barcode at the entrance of the place where unfolds the Event. The place code allows the identification of the buyer and access to the detail of his order. Each place code can only be presented once at the checkpoint.

9.2 Identity check: The Organizer reserves the right to check the identity of the Client at the entrance to the place where the Event takes place. The Customer must therefore be provided with an official identity document, passport, driving license or residence permit.


10.1 Ticket Resale: Each Ticket is personal and can only be resold in compliance with the law on the organization of sporting and cultural events, which prohibits, under penalty of criminal penalties, sell Tickets for cultural or sporting events in the usual way, without authorization express of the Organizer or the owner of the exploitation rights.
10.2 Reproduction of Ticket: It is strictly forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit a Ticket of any way either. Reproduction of Tickets is prohibited and would not provide any benefit. The Organizer may refuse access to the venue where the Event is taking place if he realizes that several impressions or reproductions of a printable Ticket are in circulation and access to the Event venue has already been granted to the bearer of a print or reproduction. The Organizer is not obliged to verify the identity of the person in possession of the Printable Ticket at home, nor to verify the authenticity of the Printable Ticket at home to the extent that the copy of the Printable Home Ticket cannot be detected with certainty; only the first person presenting the Ticket or a reproduction thereof will be allowed access to the place where The Event will take place. This person is presumed to be the legitimate holder of the Ticket. In this hypothesis, if the person holding a Printable Home Ticket is refused access to the venue the Event, it will not be entitled to any refund of the price paid. The person who reproduced the Ticket and the user of the copy of the Ticket are liable to criminal prosecution.
10.3 Ticket validity: The Ticket is only valid for the Event it concerns, on the date, time and conditions appearing on the Ticket. This title must be kept until the end of the Event.


11.1 Scope: These conditions of withdrawal, reimbursement and cancellation are applicable to all Tickets sold on the site
11.2 Refund and exchange: From their purchase by the Customer, the Ticket (s) cannot be exchanged or refunded without the agreement of the organizer (except in the cases of cancellation described in Article 11.3), even in the event that the Ticket has not been used by the Customer.
11.3 Cancellation or postponement of an Event: In the event of definitive cancellation of an Event, the reimbursement of the Ticket price will only intervene in favor of the initial purchaser against delivery of the Ticket. In addition, requests reimbursement by Evolutik and by the organizer must, to be admissible, be accompanied by a up-to-date bank identity statement and be made within a period of time following cancellation of the Event, except more restrictive condition imposed by the Organizer of the Event. If applicable, Customers will be informed by email. Any request that does not meet these conditions will be rejected. Knowing that the organizer is required to inform Evolutik in the event of cancellation, postponement or substantial modification of The Event. In the event of postponement or major modification of the event (date, place, schedule, etc.) must lead to a possibility of reimbursement by the organizer (except the company commission and the costs of bank transfers) which may be offered to the buyer upon request via their customer area, “contact us” section.


12.1 Responsibility: Evolutik is responsible, with regard to its Customers, for the proper performance of obligations resulting from contracts concluded at a distance. Evolutik declines all responsibility in the event of unavailability of the service resulting from a case of force majeure, in particular: • Any anomalies in the Customer's computer equipment, • Unpredictable and insurmountable events of a third party to the contract, • Unavailability of the internet network, Evolutik is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of personal data and / or designated as confidential files present in the database. As a host, Evolutik is not bound by any obligation to monitor the Content posted or transmitted by the Organizers via the site and cannot be held responsible for content. Likewise, Evolutik cannot guarantee the accuracy or relevance information published by the Organizers. Evolutik is committed to ensuring the proper functioning and availability of ticketing service. Any unplanned and non-faulty interruption of services shall not engage the responsibility of the Company, which then undertakes to work immediately to restore service.
12.2 Responsibility of the organizer: The Organizer certifies having the necessary power of representation to act in the name and on behalf of the legal person. The organizer undertakes to provide all parts supporting documents (status, tax number, license, trade register, identity card of the person responsible for organization) following the Company's request. The Organizers undertake to be in good standing with the tax regulations governing the Events it organizes. In this regard, the Organizers undertake to indicate in their interface the rate of VAT that the Company must apply to the sales of Tickets It is not Allowed Organizers to use to organize "illicit" Events include considered illegal demonstrations. The Organizers undertake to include the contact details their names, telephone numbers, address, address of the head office). The Organizers are under the obligation to communicate without delay to Evolutik any change of name, reason company, address, head office, legal form of its structure. Any change notice must be carried out in the Eazytick organizer account. The Organizers undertake to provide the documents identification relating to their structure. The absence of these documents will result in the suspension of sales and payments to the organizer. The Organizers remain responsible for their Eazytick account and for all the information that is communicated through the events. The Organizers undertake to wear to the knowledge of buyers any regulations specific to the event (internal regulations) by means of the event page, instructions sent by email or general conditions of sale customizable. The Organizers undertake to accept at control all valid Tickets presented by the Participants who have purchased Tickets on Eazytick. The Organizers undertake to report any supporting documents required to enter the location where the Event takes place when configuring their event Eazytick. Each Organizer sets the rules specific to the organization of the event. This regulation appears on the Organizer's site or at the entrance to the place where the event takes place or is communicated by the Organizer to the client. The acquisition of a Ticket implies acceptance of the internal regulations of the venue of the event. The Client is will strictly comply with the Organizer's regulations under penalty of being held liable.
12.3 Liability in the event of loss or theft of the Ticket: Evolutik is not responsible in the event of loss, theft or unlawful use of the Ticket, and in particular in the event of an incident occurring during the delivery of the Tickets when delivery by courier is chosen by the Customer. In addition, it is specified that Evolutik is in no way required to respond to the request to issue a duplicate in the event of loss or theft of the Ticket.
12.4 Responsibility for the conduct of the event: Evolutik is not responsible for the conduct of the event (modification of content, change of artistic or sporting distribution, change of schedules ...) or if applicable, its cancellation. The Event takes place under the sole responsibility of the Organizer. The Company acting on behalf of the organizer in the context of marketing, it can not be held responsible for any incident or failure that may occur during the Event. Of Likewise, EVOLUTIK declines any responsibility for the damage suffered, by any cause whatsoever, by the effects, objects, or materials brought by the spectators which are, if applicable, the responsibility of the organizer of the event.


13.1 Intellectual property of The Company Evolutik is the exclusive property of the company, its service providers and / or its suppliers own all the intellectual property rights relating to the site and its content As such, the content must under no circumstances be extracted, reproduced, represented, copied, altered, modified, distorted, distributed, broadcast, sold, rented, licensed or exploited, in whole or in part, in any way either, on any medium whatsoever or used to create one or more derivative works without the express consent and writing of the Company. Evolutik grants Organizers and Buyers a free, personal, non-exclusive right and non-transferable access and use of the site subject to their acceptance and compliance with the GTC.
13.2 Intellectual property of the Organizers The Organizer transfers expressly and free of charge to the Company the right of reproduction and representation, for the entire legal term of rights protection, of the content that it puts online for the purpose of operating the site and in particular its promotional features. The Company is not responsible for the content posted by the Organizers. As soon as an Organizer makes a Content on the Site, it accepts that users have free and personal use of the faculty view for the duration of the hosting by Eazytick.


14.1 Customer service For any request from the Buyer relating to the event or the receipt of his order, the Participant must first contact the Organizer whose contact details can be found on the sale of Tickets. If the request cannot be met, it is the Organizer's responsibility to contact the Eazytick customer service by using the "Contact Us" button on the far right of the home page.
14.2 Termination Eazytick will exercise ad hoc checks on the accuracy of the information provided by the Organizers and reserves the right to unilaterally terminate or suspend the registration of any Organizer who has posted inaccurate information about him or his Event online.


Ticket sales made on the Eazytick website are subject to Tunisian law. Any dispute will, in the absence of an amicable agreement, be the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. Any dispute relating to conclusion, interpretation, execution or termination of the contract between Evolutik and the Customer, even in the event of recourse in guarantee or of multiple defendants, will, in the absence of an amicable agreement, be Courts of the place where the defendant resides or of the jurisdiction of the court of the place of the actual delivery of the thing.


The User / Client / Spectator declares to have read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale. The connection and transaction data kept by Evolutik is proof.


In accordance with Law Number 63 of July 27, 2004, relating to Article 4, you have a permanent right of access and rectification on all data concerning you. You just need to make a request by mail email to Eazytick collects data relating to the organizers who implement line their events in order to meet legal constraints and promote events from buyers. The organizers' data collected by Eazytick is neither transferred nor sold to some thirds. All the data provided by the organizer and hosted on Eazytick can be modified at any time via the Organizer interface. The organizer can also request the deletion of his account at all times. Information relating to past events will be kept by Eazytick for for legal reasons.


Each Eazytick user/customer has the right to request to delete their account and activity history (purchases/points/refund...) by accessing the contact form and filing a deletion request.

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